Questions on High Saints and Mother of All Paths of Purification




Bismilllahi rahmani raheem, May peace & blessings of Allah upon our beloved Prophet (SAS)
Assalamu Alaikum brother
Brother i need your kind help to follow the right path.iam really confused and in dilemma that in which thareeqath i have to choose. iam keep watching the lectures of Sheikh Nazim (RA) n Shaikh Hisham,shaikh Abdul kerim (R.A) on youtube and earning the fruitful knowledge now i would like to en light and purify my heart and i want to die with imaan.
i need your kind help from your experience which thareeqat is suitable for me. if i write something wrong please forgive me.

Assalamu alaikum

Thanks n regards


Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem
Wa alaikumussalam wa Rahmathu Allahi wa Barakathu hu

Recite Salawat on Prophet:
Allahumma Swalli Ala Muhammadin Wa Ala Aali Muhammadin Wa Sallim-1000X everyday…

Qadiriya is hard route, with very big riyadah and so on…

But Naqshbandi Wayis Middle Path, not too extreme or not too easy..

And this Tarikat is Ummu Tarikat (Mother of All Ways)..

I am not saying this because, I am following this Tarikat.

but because from the True References…

you can see that Imam Ghazzali’s first Shaykh Was Abu Ali Al Farmadi (Q.S) from him, 80% of knowledge in Ihya Uloomiddin is received from Sayyiduna Abu Ali Ibn Muhammad Al Farmadi (Q.S)

It is mentioned in the Preface of Ihya Uloomiddin..

Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al Jilani (Q.S)received Blessings *Tabarruk” and Bayat from Shaykh Abu Yaqub Yusuf Al-Hamadani (Q.S) when Shaykh was a young boy, during his visit to Shaykh Hamadani at Baghdad, it is mentioned in Ibn Hajar Al Hythami’s-A Shafi Mazhab scholar (Q.S) book “AL Fatwa Al Hadisiyya

All other Tarikat you see today are derived from Naqshbandi and Qadiri lineage,
All other Tarikat meet somehow in the lineage of Qadiri and the founder of Qadiri way-Shaykh Muhyiddin Abdul Qadir Al Jilani (Q.S) meet his spritual lineage with early Naqshbandi Master Shaykh Abu Yaqub Yusuf Al Hamadani (Q.S)

And this is the only way which take direct lineage from Abu Bakar Siddiq (A.S), Because after Prophet alaihiswalathu wa salamall other Sahaba and Khulafa Rashideen have taken Bayat from Abu Bakar Siddiq (Aalaihissalam)

And this way also take lineage from 12 Imams from the line of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (A.S)

Some people of other tarikat out of context and without understanding the Haqiqat of the Awliya, takes out of context some words and confuse people!.

For example: “Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al Jilani said: “All Awliya are under my feet”
It refer to his time only..

Shaykh Ahmad Tijani (Q.S) said that all Awliya from the time of Adam (A.S) until last day is under his feet”
Allah knows best, some people out of extreme love of Awliya and to promote their way quote such words , most likely it is not true!

All Prophets are also Awliya (Saints/Friends of Allah)!, But All Saints are not Prophet or Messengers of Allah!
This is very important point!

And one more thing to add to this: Abu Bakar, Umar,Usman , Ali, Hassan, Hussain, Imam Mahdi and other Imams of Ahlul Bayt (peace be up on them all) , they all are Awliya of Allah…

The two “Deputation” of Allah on Earth is: Prophet-hood (Nubuwath) and Saint-hood (Wilayah)

We do not believe, Shaykh Ahmad Tijani or Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani is greater than Abu Bakar (R.A) Umar (R.A), Usman (R.A), Ali (R.A), Hassan (R.A), Hussain (R.A), Imam Mahdi (A.S), in Wilaya (Saint hood)

So all agree that after Prophet Muhammad (alaihiswalathu wa salam), those came after him (in Khilafat and in Imamath) are high Saints (awliya Allah)

It is also narrated in a Hadith that: excluding Prophets, the Iman of Abu Bakar Siddiq (R.A) weigh than all other people’s Iman put together!!!

So don’t follow those Sufis, who make false claim in their books, which the one they attribute that rank to, actually did not have made such false claim…

Because they might know this Saints  only from books, and the books may be written years after the time of the Shaykh…

Haqq (Truth) is clear from false hood (Bathil)

May Allah guide us and forgive us…

Wa alaikumussalam wa Rahmathu Allahi wa Barakathu hu

Some Ahadith:


Rasulullah (saw) said, “The best of my Ummah in every generation
will be five hundred, and forty Abdal. Thse five hundred will never
decrease in number, nor the forty. Every time one of the five
hundred dies Allah(swt) will substitute with another, and so He will
of the forty. The people said, “Tell us something about their
deeds.” He replied, “They will pardon those who wrong them, will do
good to those who do them evil, and will equitably spend of what
Allah gives them.”

[Abu Nu’aym, narrated by Ibn Umar RA]


Rasulullah (saw) said, “Forty of my followers will always be on
earth whose heart will be like the heart of Ibrahim (as). It is
because of them that Allah (swt) will withhold punishement from the
people of the earth. They are called “Al-Abdal”. They would have
attained that status not through pryers, fasting or charity.” The
Companions asked: “How else would they have attained that status?”
He replied: “Through generosity and sincerity towards the Ummah.”

[Tabrani, narrated by Ibn Mas’ud RA]